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Congratulations #TeamUM for Winning Second Place at the RoboCup Bangkok 2022

A team consists of Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) final year students from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universiti Malaya won 2nd place at the RoboCup@Home Education Workshop & Challenge 2022, held in Bangkok, Thailand on July 11-18 2022.

The ones who make us proud are; Ms. Chong Jia Mun, Ms. Yee Li Yan, Ms. Chia Jing Hui, Ms. Goh Yan Cheng, Ms. Lee Jing Hui, Ms. Chan Joey, Mr. Danial Sulejman Mecja, Mr. Loh Jin Hoong, and Mr. Chon Zheng Shin with their mentor, Dr. Zati Hakim Azizul Hasan from Department of Artificial Intelligence , FCSIT UM.

RoboCup@Home Education is an annual competition that promotes educational efforts to boost participation on artificial intelligence (AI)-focused service robot development.

We hope that the success of this team will be able to inspire others to meet the challenges in pursuit of knowledge especially in the field of AI Robotics.

We could see gold next time from #TeamUM! 😉

Congrats again!


Photo by Dr. Zati Hakim Azizul Hasan

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