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Universiti Malaya Partners with Coway for International R&D Centre in Malaysia

Universiti Malaya (UM) is proud to announce that it is now working with South Korea’s Coway for its international research & development (R&D) centre in Malaysia. Coway Malaysia aims to provide a place for professors and students in the engineering and science faculties to hone their minds to greater levels and develop new technological innovations.

As Coway Malaysia’s statement reads, “With this R&D centre, Coway Malaysia can carry out more in-depth research on how to improve its products, with Malaysians in mind. In addition, this partnership will also see internships, consultations, sponsorships, the establishment of laboratories and more."

Coway Malaysia managing director Kyle Choi also said that this is the company’s first R&D facility outside South Korea. "With this R&D centre strategically located in Malaysia, we will be able to zoom in and focus on producing top notch home appliances specially curated for Malaysians." He adds that this partnership will also promote a cross-functional understanding between the two groups such as job and internship possibilities for UM graduates and an exchange of knowledge between industry experts from South Korea and Malaysia.

Coway's first R&D centre was established back in 1993 and is housed in Seoul National University Research Park in Seoul, South Korea. With the establishment of its second R&D centre here in this country, Coway Malaysia is confident that it can now fully commit to conducting localised research and innovation outside of South Korea, with particular focus on the issue of water quality in Malaysia.

Thank you to everyone at Coway for your partnership. For this project would not be possible without it.

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