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Micro/Nano Bubble Generator for Aquaculture Aeration and Mixing

Micro-bubble generator (MBG) for aquaculture aeration was developed in-house at University of Malaya. MBB is able to increase the dissolved oxygen content of water due to higher mass transfer. The copyright and patent of this product have been filled. We have carried out series of real-case experiments to evaluate the performance of this generator for culture of salt-water prawn, fresh-water prawn, micro-organisms (bio-floc) and jade perch fish. Some of the data are presented in a high-impact journal paper. MBG together with biofloc technology modernized the traditional aquaculture methods used in Malaysia. Results showed with the increasing dissolved oxygen content in water led to at least 30 % growth in the aquaculture species (salt-water and fresh-water prawn), thus reducing the aquaculture farming cost and improving the condition of seafood shortage issues globally at the same time.

Technical Explanation

The micro-bubble generator (MBB) produces nano/micro air-bubbles for water aeration using a high pressure-pump and other mechanical components. MBG is able to improve the dissolved oxygen content up to 8.5-9 ppm for 7000–10000 litres of water for aquaculture applications. MBB increases the dissolved oxygen content of water due to higher mass transfer. 0.75 kW (1 HP) pump can be used to aerate 7-10 metric tonnes of water. Based on our experiments, the growth of aquaculture species, such as salt-water and fresh-water prawn, has increased by 30-40 % in size in comparison with using a conventional air-pump. This generator is very useful for modern, compact, and intensive aquaculture farming for high productivity. Thus, this invention is essential for intensive high productive aquaculture farming, thus improving the condition of seafood supplies.


Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Poo Balan Ganesan (PI), Department of Mechanical Engineering,

Faculty of Engineering

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