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Quantum Medicine for Holistic Health – Merging Science with Traditional Medicine

Photo by Yan Krukau from Pexels

Fundamentally, the study of Quantum Science involves understanding the properties of  matter and the transformation between different forms of energy. This field of study is critical as it delves into giving us a basic understanding of the reason(s) for the existence of every organism on this Earth – this is an effective tool that explains everything in atomic and subatomic aspects. The highly acclaimed book, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne, has significantly contributed towards the understanding of Quantum Science based on several concepts; the Law of Attraction, the guiding principles of manifestations, and the subjugation of feelings, and emotions, among others.


This research gives a broader view as to the correlation between Quantum Medicine and the Traditional Medicine. The contents in sacred texts (Sutras, Vedas, Al-Quran) are scientifically analysed and subsequently it reveals the alignment it has with Quantum Physics. In essence, the term ‘consciousness’ has been regarded as the core element in attempting to comprehend the relation between theology and science. Consciousness is not merely a philosophical context – it can be associated with one’s awareness (internal and external).

Besides, this research also explores the association of Consciousness with Landauer’s Principle of low entropy; ‘any logically irreversible manipulation of information, such as the erasure of a bit or the merging of two computation paths, must be accompanied by a corresponding entropy increase in non-bearing information degrees of freedom of the information-processing apparatus of its environment’.

The importance of quantum medicine lies in its encapsulation of eliminating any philosophical controversies in the medical field. It is submitted that these ‘controversies’ arise out of the overlap between the context of ‘consciousness’ and the differential religious perspective towards it.

Presentation of UMRC Poster on quantum medicine by Prof. Dr. Raymond Ooi FASc


The impact of this research embodies one’s crucial understanding of cosmic energy and certain traditional medications; acupuncture, energy healing, aura detection, etc. To simplify, the relevance of Quantum Science is much broader than one can expect, it could extend as far as material science, green technology, climate change, environmental conservation, mental health and spirituality. For example, ‘you reap whatever you sow’ is a classical understanding that translates into ‘you attract what you are’ – another fascinating application of Quantum Science. The Quran has similar revelations; ‘if you give thanks, I will give you more’ (14:7). Principally, these texts reveal the imminence of attributing gratitude towards the Supreme (entity); God – this relates then back to the concept of consciousness. Thereby, the field of Spiritual Science has a large impact towards our well-being as it encompasses the integration of our daily lives (physical or material aspect) with religious doctrines/spirituality.



Researchers featured:

Professor Dr Ooi Chong Heng FASc (Raymond Ooi)

Department of Physics
Faculty of Science, Universiti Malaya



Lishanthan Kumar
A vehement law student that is keen in understanding the minute details of human nature and its relation to different civilisation – literature, poetic expressions and non-fictions formed the basic fabric of my life.


Siti Farhana Bajunid Shakeeb Arsalaan Bajunid
Assistant Registrar, Universiti Malaya
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