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Towards Low Carbon Emissions for Campus SustainableTransportation: UM Share Ride

Increased in university populations, resulting in insufficient public transportation facilities. Staff members mostly prefer to use their own vehicles to commute to any event or meeting inside the campus rather than an alternative method. This leads to the problem such as an increasing number of vehicles traffic, parking problems, fuel combustion, destruction of natural resources, environmental pollution, health inequalities and global warming etc. To overcome this problem, an application “UM Ride Share” is developed to promote the modes of transportation inside the university campus. The application is targeted to the Universiti Malaya staff only.

This application consists of two parts; first part is Web-Based Application where staff members / event organizer will use the system to initiate or encourage the participant to use the ShareRide Apps for travelling to the event’s venue. The invitee will receive an email invitation and start to use the ShareRide Apps. The participants can start to offer their vehicle to ride or request to ride the vehicle.

In a second part, a mobile application (Android and iOS) manages the functionalities such as changing ride sharing status, requesting for ride share to other colleagues, accepting the requests, communication between rider and captain, giving the notification, guiding towards destination through shortest route etc. Moreover, this application has additional features such as reward points in promoting the effort made. If any member shares his/her ride, the reward points (equivalent to the saved CO2) will be added to his profile, and later, it shows the members contribution towards the green environment inside the campus. It is an effective means of reducing traffic congestion, waiting time, wastage of resources and fuel

consumption, improving social life, reducing the number of accidents and environmental pollution which in turn results in the green environment, wellbeing and improving the quality of sustainability inside the UM.


Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Rafidah Binti Md Noor

Department of Computer System and Technology,

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

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