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Celebrating Innovation and Excellence: UM Researchers Triumph at CITREX 2022

We at Universiti Malaya are proud to announce the achievements of our chosen participants for the 12th Creation, Innovation, Technology & Research Exposition (CITREX) 2022. Organized by Universiti Malaysia Pahang, CITREX provides an opportunity for researchers to showcase their innovations and trailblazing spirits while competing with each other for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal. Outstanding innovators will also stand a chance to receive special recognition awards. Participants may also potentially be selected to join national and international level exhibitions and join in future collaborations with other researchers.

Each participant may enter their innovation into one of eleven (11) different categories, including “Agriculture Machinery, Equipment, Tools”, “Automotive, Transportation”, and “Environment, Energy” and evaluated based on the following criteria: Originality/Novelty, Applicability, Status, Commercializability, Publication and Presentation.

We would like to congratulate the following participants and researchers from Universiti Malaya for winning the 1st Place Automotive Excellence Award in the “Automotive, Transportation” category for their project, “Innovative Energy Devices for E-Vehicles in the Malaysian Transport Industry”.

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Ramesh T Subramaniam, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kasi, Dr. Vengadaesvaran Balakrishnan, Dr. Shahid Bashir, Ms. Nur Khuzaimah Farhana Abd Aziz, Ms. Norshahirah Mohamad Saidi, Dr. Mohd Zieauddin Kufian, Mr. Surender Gunalan, Ms. Goh Zhi Ling, Mr. Elizer Nithiya Rachagan, Mr. Ong Gerard, Ms. Maryam Hina, Ms. Pershaanaa K. Manogran, Dr. Iling Aema Wonnie Ma, Mr. Sachin Sharma Ashok Kumar, Ms. Nujud Badawi, Ms. Siti Nur Fathiah Binti Kamarulazam, Ms. Khadija Hassan, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ezra Morris Abraham Gnanamuthu, Prof. Dr. Ramesh Singh, Dr. Ramis Rau Subramanian for your hard work and innovation that allowed to earn this prestigious recognition.

Further congratulations to Dr. Ramesh and the team for also winning the Gold Medal for their project in the same category. We at Universiti Malaya offer our admiration for your innovative minds and trailblazing spirits.

Our most heartfelt congratulations to everyone who participated in CITREX 2022, we at Universiti Malaya are proud of your innovations and achievements.

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