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UM Innovators and Trailblazers Won 3 Golds and 1 Special Award at Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2024

World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia —The Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE), Asia's foremost platform for inventions and innovations, concluded its highly anticipated 21st edition in 2024. It bestowed the prestigious UM awards upon exceptional winners whose ground-breaking projects are poised to redefine their respective fields. UM took home with 1 Special Award, 3 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze at MTE 2024. Held under the theme "Asia's Inventions and Innovations Marketplace," MTE 2024 continued its legacy of excellence by connecting innovators, designers, and entrepreneurs with industry leaders and investors from across Asia and beyond.

Professor Ir Dr Fatimah Ibrahim from the Faculty of Engineering won the Special Award with the project entitled, "A Smart Wearable Device for Monitoring Low Back Pain Rehabilitation,” during MTE 2024.


The standout UM innovators recognised at MTE 2024 were in the following categories: Healthcare, Personal Care Technology, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Education, Pedagogy and Technology, Energy and Green Technology, Building and Machinery, Equipment, and Tools.


Professor Ir Dr Fatimah Ibrahim's (Faculty of Engineering) project, "A Smart Wearable Device for Monitoring Low Back Pain Rehabilitation," earned her the prestigious Special Award from the Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills as well as 1 Gold Award for her project under the Healthcare, Personal Care Technology, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences category. The bestowed awards, known for their rigorous selection process and recognition of exceptional innovation, are a testament to Prof Ir Dr Fatimah's ground-breaking work. Her wearable device integrates advanced sensors and data analytics to monitor and assist in rehabilitating individuals suffering from low back pain, providing personalised insights and improving patient outcomes.


Associate Professor Dr Nur Azah Hamzaid (Faculty of Engineering) was celebrated for her innovative educational initiative, "Lego Spike X Biomechatronics Junior Crash Course Module—BionicBuddies: Unleashing Young Minds with LEGO Biomechatronic Marvels," which received the Gold Award in Education, Pedagogy & Technology category. Dr Nur Azah's module combines LEGO robotics with biomechatronics principles, engaging young learners in hands-on activities to foster creativity and problem-solving skills while introducing them to the exciting world of robotics and prosthetics.


Professor Ir Dr Ubagaram Johnson Alengaram, (Faculty of Engineering), was honoured with the Gold Award for his sustainable innovation "Low-carbon pervious geopolymer concrete for pavement incorporating homebrewed sodium silicate and palm kernel shell biochar" in the Energy & Green Technology category. Prof Ir Dr Johnson's project focuses on developing environmentally friendly concrete solutions using locally sourced materials, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and improve durability in pavement construction.

One of the Associate Professor Dr Mohd Fakhrul’s team members demonstrated the Natural Gel Electrolyte in Protonic BIO Supercapacitors to Professor Ir Dr Kaharudin Dimyati, UM Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research & Innovation.


Associate Professor Dr Mohd Fakhrul Zamani Abdul Kadir (Faculty of Science) was recognised for his research on "Natural Gel Electrolyte in Protonic BIO Supercapacitors for Enhanced Energy Harvesting in Various Applications," which earned him the Silver Award in Energy & Green Technology. Dr Mohd Fakhrul Zamani's project explores using natural gel electrolytes to enhance energy storage efficiency in supercapacitors, offering promising advancements in renewable energy technologies for diverse applications.


Associate Professor Dr Amirrudin Kamsin (Faculty of Computer Science & Technology) was honoured with the Silver Award for his project "SEGAR- A Mobile-based Serious Game for Educating Pupils Not to Initiate Smoking Behavior" in the Education, Pedagogy & Technology category. Dr Amirrudin's serious game utilises mobile technology to educate young individuals about the dangers of smoking, employing interactive gameplay and educational content to promote healthy lifestyle choices among youth.


Professor Ir Dr Chong Wen Tong (Faculty of Engineering) also secured the Silver Award for his self-funded project, "Solar-powered rooftop for ventilation" in the Building category. His innovation leverages solar energy to enhance building ventilation systems, contributing to energy efficiency and sustainability in urban environments.


Moreover, Dr Woo Haw Jiunn (Faculty of Science) was awarded the Bronze accolade for his pioneering work on "Sodium Ion Battery Innovation: Catalyst for Smart City Electric Mobility Transformation" in the Energy & Green Technology category. Dr Woo's research focuses on advancing sodium-ion battery technology to support innovative city initiatives and facilitate the transition towards sustainable urban mobility solutions.


Lastly, Professor Ir Dr Wong Yew Hoong (Faculty of Engineering) received the Bronze Award for his "Efficiency Meets Sensitivity: Energy-Saving N-doped ZnO Sensor for Acetone Detection" project in the Machinery, Equipment and Tools category. Prof Ir Dr Wong's sensor innovation enhances industrial safety and efficiency by detecting acetone vapours with high sensitivity and low energy consumption.

MTE has consistently been a platform that celebrates the spirit of innovation, fosters collaborations, and pushes the boundaries of technological advancement. Each project showcased at MTE 2024 exemplifies the dedication and ingenuity of UM award winners and underscores their significant contributions to addressing global challenges and creating positive societal impact. Visit the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) official website to explore past innovations and achievements:


Ms Tan Wei Nie 

With a keen interest, Tan Wei Nie, a PhD candidate in law, enriches her studies by fusing science with narrative, uncovering connections between the two fields. Her passion for nature and staying active fuels her enthusiasm for life and learning, infusing her journey with unexpected thrills and excitement.

Siti Farhana Bajunid Shakeeb Arsalaan Bajunid, Assistant Registrar, UM
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