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UM Team Wins Health iphamathon 2024 with "ReMo (Reset Your Movement)" Project, Tackling Muscle Weakness in Aging Populations

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

A team comprised of three Universiti Malaya students were crowned as champion in the recent Health iphamathon 2024 innovation competition with their project entitled “ReMo (Reset Your Movement)”. This event was hosted by Digital A plus Healthcare as Main organizer and Phama (Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia) as the co-organiser with the theme “Advancement in Ageing and its Related Research”. The whole event consist of few stages where the participants will first submit their project proposal and followed by a month of guidance from assigned-mentor which will give suggestion to improve the proposed project. The peak of the competition was conducted on 3rd March 2024 in Cempaka Hotel by Majestic 13, Cheras where the groups need to pitch their idea or product to the judges. A total of 20 teams from all around of Malaysia had pitched their project but only 8 teams were able to proceed to the final stage.

The award winning project by UM team is a multidisciplinary project by Catherine Seow from Biomedical Engineering department, Faculty of Engineering and two students from Department of Biomedical Science, Faculty of Medicine, who are Lim Kai Shi and Mok Xin Hui, with their team name AgeGracer.

Their project offers a pioneering solution to the pervasive issue of muscle weakness among aging populations, exacerbated by sedentary lifestyles. Recognizing the significant burden placed on healthcare systems due to falls resulting from muscle weakness, the team embarked on a multidisciplinary endeavour to develop ReMo. This innovative prototype seamlessly integrates electrical muscle stimulation and electromyogram into a compact, user-friendly device, complemented by a smartphone app.  The device is able to give stimulation to user while doing exercise which has been proven scientifically can speed up muscle gain and the electromyogram can measure the muscle strength of user for improvement tracking purpose. The application itself is for the result display purpose and also have an algorithm that can help to personalise the exercise that is suitable for the user based on their muscle strength and health status.

Currently the prototype is still underdeveloped and the team has an aspiration to keep actively finding collaboration and funding opportunity to develop the product which they hope it will benefit the ageing society in the next future.

Day 1 (2nd March 2024), Talks by multiple experts include geriatrician and successful start-up.

Age Gracer, UM team that crowned as both champion and best team award.

From Left: Catherine Seow (Faculty of Engineering), Karan Bahtia (Assigned mentor of the group from Sanofi company), Mok Xin Hui and Lim Kai Shi (Department of Biomedical Science, Faculty of Medicine). 


Group photo of participants, judges and organisers.



Mr Lim Kai Shi

Department of Biomedical Science, Faculty of Medicine

"‘Sharing knowledge is the first step of humanity.’

I am Kai Shi, a Biomedical Science undergraduate who are passionate in sharing academic knowledges and stories to anyone who are interested (include the public). Currently, I am working on Parkinson’s disease genetic research, for those who are in similar field, I am open for connection!"

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