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ITEX 2024: UM Received 5 Gold Medals and 1 Special Award

Malaysia, May 18, 2024 - A premier venue for honouring brilliance in innovation and invention, the International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2024 is pleased to present this year's illustrious honorees.

Gold Winner photos at ITEX 2024. From left Associate Professor Dr. Thamil Selvi Velayutham, Associate Professor Dr. Rosazlin Abdullah, Professor Dr Ramesh T. Subramaniam and Professor Ts. Dr. Vimala Balakrishnan.


We are ecstatic to share the news that representatives from the University of Malaya (UM), took home 5 Gold Medals, 5 Silver Medals and 1 Special Award at ITEX 2024, which took place on May 16–17, 2024 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC.


Exhibiting state-of-the-art technology and innovative products from all around the world, ITEX 2024 is sure to be an impressive event. To a wide range of people, including journalists, investors, and specialists, it gives innovators and inventors a place to showcase their work.


UM expressed enormous pride in the university's inventors. "Their achievements at ITEX 2024 highlight our commitment to research excellence and our role in driving technological advancements that address real-world challenges."


In the spirit of World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID), celebrated on April 21 each year, ITEX 2024 underscores the vital role of creativity and innovation in driving economic, social, and sustainable development. The United Nations established WCID to boost awareness about the significance of creativity in various human development contexts, encouraging individuals worldwide to harness their creativity for the betterment of humankind.


Projects and Winners of UM Awards:

Associate Professor Dr. Rosazlin Abdullah wins the Best Woman Inventor Award for her innovative "BacChar" biofertilizer.


The UM Awards showcased numerous pioneering projects, each significantly impacting their respective fields. Associate Professor Dr. Rosazlin Abdullah from the Faculty of Science has received a Gold Medal and a Special Award for Best Woman Inventor for her groundbreaking product, "BacChar." Her innovative product presents a cost-efficient and productive formula for crop cultivation using a distinctive biochar made from oil palm kernel shells infused with a microorganism that forms a biofilm and sago starch, which improves soil fertilisation, unlike conventional approaches.


Professor Dr. Ramesh T. Subramaniam, also a member of the Science Faculty, received the prize for excellence for his innovative project "SOLARCAP—A Leap in Green Integrated Energy Technology towards IR4.0 and S.5.0." This groundbreaking project, recognised in the Transportation, Automotive, Aerospace, and Aviation fields, earned him the esteemed Gold Medal, inspiring others in the field of energy technology.


Cheng Poh Guat from the Faculty of Medicine was honoured with the Gold Medal in the Medical Health category for their "Tackling Genetic Ataxia with RESPI REMÈ®" project. Similarly, Professor Ts. Dr. Vimala Balakrishnan, a Computer Science and Information Technology Faculty member, was recognised with a Gold Medal for her project entitled "My TB Companion—An Integrated Video Observed Therapy Application for Tuberculosis Management in Malaysia." In addition, Dr. Thamil Selvi Velayutham, an Associate Professor from the Faculty of Science, received a Gold Medal in the Environment Energy category for her project, "Synergistic Energy Harvester Tribo and Piezoelectricity." These awards are a testament to their dedication and hard work, and we appreciate their contributions to their respective fields.

Silver Medal winners at ITEX 2024. Second from left, Dr. Phan Chia Wei and Dr. Saw Shier Nee.

Dr. Wong Kah Hui, an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, was awarded a Silver Medal in the Medical Health category for his initiative "NEVGRO for Depression Management." Dr Adeeb Hayyan, a member of the Faculty of Engineering, was awarded a Silver Medal in the field of Biotechnology for his research on the "Immobilization of Camel Pancreatic Lipase using environmentally friendly solvents and coral rubble to achieve continuous production of palmitic acid and stearic acid."


Dr. Saw Shier Nee from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology received a Silver Medal in the Health and Medical category for the project "Neoguard: Revolutionizing Prenatal Care with Artificial Intelligence for Early Detection of Small for Gestational Age Babies". Dr. Phan Chia Wei, a member of the Faculty of Pharmacy, was awarded a Silver Medal in the Medical Health category for their effort titled "GO Boost - Grey Oyster Beta Glucan, Boosting Overall Systemic Health." Associate Professor Dr Farazila Yusof and Dr Abdul Halim Poh from the Faculty of Engineering received a Silver Medal for their Medical Health project called "Dengue Probe."


The awards highlight UM's dedication to promoting innovation and achievement in several sectors and acknowledge its esteemed academic members' influential research and efforts.


Go to ITEX 2024 to learn more about the event and the winning projects.


Those UM researchers who are interested in joining ITEX under UM can liaise with the following: -

Research Services Division (BPP)

Department of Research Management (JPP)

Level 2, Research Management & Innovation Complex (KPPI)

University Malaya

Tel: +603 7967 4651/6289


About ITEX: ITEX is the world's leading technology trade event, where the latest discoveries and inventions are shown to promote technical progress, answer global issues, and create the future.



Ms Tan Wei Nie 

With a keen interest, Tan Wei Nie, a PhD candidate in law, enriches her studies by fusing science with narrative, uncovering connections between the two fields. Her passion for nature and staying active fuels her enthusiasm for life and learning, infusing her journey with unexpected thrills and excitement.



Siti Farhana Bajunid Shakeeb Arsalaan Bajunid, Assistant Registrar, UM

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