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Professor Dr. Ramesh T Subramaniam Wins the 2022 ASEAN-China Scholar Award

On behalf of Universiti Malaya, we would like to offer our most heartfelt congratulations to Professor Dr. Ramesh T Subramaniam, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, for being awarded the "2022 ASEAN-China Scholar Award" by the 2022 ASEAN-China Scholar Program.

The 2022 ASEAN-China Scholar Program is a fellowship program initiated by the ASEAN-China Network for Cooperation and Exchanges among Engineering and Technology Universities (ACNE T-EngTech) at Tianjin University (TJU). The program's objectives are to present new technologies, inventions, and innovations and encourage young scholars, inventors, and innovators to present their ideas and creations to the wider world and various relevant sectors. Prof. Dr. Ramesh has been chosen to collaborate with the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University, as part of the award.

The Collaboration with Tianjin University

As his first step under this award, Prof. Dr. Ramesh presented three online lectures at Tianjin University as follows in April 2022:

1. Electrode architecture for electrochemical devices 2. Energy storage, energy harvesting devices: sustainable smart cities 3. Materials characterization

Prof. Dr. Ramesh will continue working with the 2022 ASEAN-China Scholar Program on collaborative projects throughout the remainder of the year.

Once again, we at Unive

rsiti Malaya give our most heartfelt thanks to Professor Dr. Ramesh T Subramaniam for his efforts in contributing to the university's reputation as a place for learning and innovation and serving as a beacon of education for a younger generation of scholars, inventors, and innovators.

Thank you, Professor, for everything you have done. We wish you all the best and to have a fruitful year.

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