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Universiti Malaya Research Gallery, With the Theme Health and Well-Being

13 March – 7 April 2023

Research Management & Innovation Complex, IPPP, Universiti Malaya

After the successful debut of the Universiti Malaya (UM) Research Gallery from 5th September to 7th October 2022, the organizers launched its second edition in 2023. This year's UM Research Gallery will showcase three main niche themes: Health & Well-Being, Climate Change & Planetary Health, and Culture & Heritage. These exhibitions are scheduled to take place in March, June, and October 2023, respectively. The UM Research Gallery is a prominent event organized under the Research and Innovation portfolio and stage-managed by the Research Services Division. Its primary objective is to foster knowledge exchange and dissemination, which plays a crucial role in propelling research innovation and progress.

As a leading research-intensive university, UM takes pride in this program, as it serves as a platform to showcase and promote the university's research capabilities, cutting-edge technologies, and expertise to a broader audience. In doing so, the event aims to spark new collaborations and partnerships, leading to potential commercialization opportunities, ultimately contributing to societal and economic development.

The Universiti Malaya Research Gallery, scheduled from 13th March – 7th April 2023, was centred around the theme of Health & Well-Being. This event served as a platform to showcase and celebrate innovative research and initiatives undertaken by the university's researchers in the field of health and well-being.

The gallery highlighted various projects, advancements, and discoveries that contribute to addressing real-world health challenges and promoting overall well-being. It aims to foster knowledge exchange, encourage collaboration, and create awareness about the university's commitment to making a positive impact on society's health and quality of life.

Researchers, faculty members, students, and the wider community came together during this period to engage with the exhibits, providing an opportunity for fruitful discussions and potential collaborations in the pursuit of better health outcomes and improved well-being for all.

On 14th March 2023, the Health & Well-Being Research Gallery was inaugurated by Professor Ir. Dr. Shaliza Ibrahim, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation). During the event, a significant milestone was reached with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between UM and BoomGrow Production Sdn Bhd. The collaborative project, spearheaded by Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Ching Yern Chee, aims to establish a long-term partnership focused on conducting research and exploring viable options for commercialization.

This partnership represents a remarkable step towards advancing research in the field of health and well-being while potentially opening up new avenues for economic growth and societal benefits.

The Health & Well-Being Research Gallery showcased an array of research and innovation initiatives that tackled pressing real-world problems. The exhibition encompassed a wide spectrum of topics, including health & diseases, promoting a healthy diet, safe & responsible drug disposal practices, language-related studies for health & wellbeing, medical support & healthcare products, as well as the development & production of pharmaceutical products. Additionally, it highlighted advancements in the domains of wellness and the built environment.

The gallery received overwhelming support and patronage from the entire UM community, emphasizing the university's collective dedication to addressing critical health and well-being challenges through research and innovation. Special recognition was given to various academic faculties and research centers that played pivotal roles in contributing to the success of the event.

Notable mentions include the Faculty of Built Environment, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture (CEBAR), Institute of Ocean and Earth Science (IOES), Centre for Natural Products Research and Drug Discovery (CENAR), and Plasma Technology Research Centre (PTRC).

The collaborative efforts showcased the university's commitment to creating impactful research outcomes, fostering interdisciplinary cooperation, and striving for advancements that would positively influence the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Author: Ts. ChM. Dr. Kumuthini Chandrasekaram for Research Services Division (

Photos: Mr. Mohd Yani Alias for Research Services Division

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