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UM Ph.D. Candidate Selected to Attend Prestigious Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Since 1951, Lindau has hosted the Nobel Laureate Meeting held in the scenic lakeside city of Lindau, Germany. Around 30 to 40 Nobel Laureates convene at Lindau to meet the next generation of leading scientists worldwide, including undergraduate, master's, PhD students, and young post-doctoral scientists. This prestigious meeting will is held once a year.

This year, our student, Norshahirah Binti Mohamad Saidi has been selected as one of the participants in the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. She is the only one nominated by an international organization, Global Young Academy (GYA), among all the Malaysians. Ms. Norshahirah is a Ph.D. candidate under Professor Dr. Ramesh T. Subramaniam and Associate Professor Dr. Ramesh Kasi from the Department of Physics, @FacultyScienceUM, Universiti Malaya. She will graduate in November this year.

This meeting was conducted on 26th June to 1st July 2022 in the scenic lakeside city of Lindau, Germany. Many activities were held throughout those days, including Lectures, Panel Discussions, Open Exchanges, Agora Talks, Laureate Lunches, Science Breakfasts, and Science Walks. All activities were very informative and inspiring. These activities were aimed to motivate the participants to continue working in Science. The participants were honoured to meet many Nobel Laureates and outstanding young scientists.

Gaining Insight from Nobel Laureates' Panel Discussions and Talks

During the Panel Discussion, Adam Smith and Venki Ramakrishnan (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009) discussed how a balance between collaboration and competition is essential for Science.

"Competition, like in a business or any other enterprise, can speed things up. It is good for Science; however, it is not good for scientists. In Science, truth is always provisional." – said Venki Ramakrishnan.

"Few pieces of advice from the Nobel Laureate that I still remember today; We can learn new fields, but we should finish what we are doing now first. Enjoy learning a new field." – W.E Moerner (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014).

Ada Yonath (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009) said her curiosity and passion brought her to where she is today while enjoying her hard work. "This meeting was a great experience I will treasure forever in my career path. I encourage other Malaysian Scientists to attend this meeting as it would open our minds and build a network with other scientists worldwide. "

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