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UM wins Kreso Glavac Special Award, Outstanding Award, plus 2 gold and silver medals in MTE 2023

16 - 18 March 2023

Universiti Malaya (UM) innovators UM innovators bagged a total of 2 gold awards, 2 silver awards and 2 special awards (the Kreso Glavac and Outstanding) at Malaysian Technology Expo (MTE) 2023 which was held in a hybrid format this year.

Distinguished Prof. Datuk Dr. Harith bin Ahmad and his

research team from Photonics

Research Centre received both the Gold Medal and the Kreso Glavac Special Award for the innovation titled Fiber Optic-based Biaxial 3D-Printed Inclinometer for Ground Movement Monitoring and Prof. Dr. U. Johnson Alengaram and his team won outstanding award and silver award for the invention titled ‘low-carbon footprint materials for industrialized building system (IBS) and application of microbial induced calcite precipitation technology using microalgae in crack healing. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Juan Joon Ching and his research team from Nanotechnology & Catalysis Research Centre (NANOCAT) was the other recipient of the Gold Medal for the innovation titled Smart Photoactive Air Purification Curtain Fabric (Fresh Air Curtain).

Professor Ir. Dr. Nasrudin Abd Rahim and his team from UM Power Energy

Dedicated Advanced Centre (UMPEDAC) bagged the Silver Award for the project on Green Incineration System with Carbon Capture for Deed Decarbonization Solution of Solid Waste Management Sector. Along with Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Adeline Chua Seak May and her team from the Faculty of Engineering on Sponge-based Biofilm Reactor (SBBR) Technology: Energy-saving and Cost-effective Innovation in Water and Wastewater Treatment.

MTE has been gaining strong footage among the innovators' community since its inception in 2021. Living up to its goal of leading global innovation and technology events by generating collaborations with local and foreign academia, inventors’ associations, and research partners by creating a platform to showcase outstanding work by innovators, researchers, scientists, students, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Author: Ts. ChM. Dr. Kumuthini Chandrasekaram for Research Services Division (

Photos: Mr. Mohd Yani Alias for Research Services Division

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